If you want to teach it, we can help! 

We know that you are passionate about what you are teaching and that you think your knowledge is valuable enough to share (and that’s why you want to share it). We want to make sure that you have the tools and knowledge to be able to do that (that’s what we’re passionate about).

From program development and brainstorming to determining which format and platform will work best and then how to get your message out; we can help you to effectively reach your target clients (or employees), control you budget, eliminate headaches, ensure your project remains on track and develop content with the greatest impact.

Services Offered

Curriculum Development

You have an idea you want to teach, so how do you put it together so others can follow it? Developing a cohesive and effective curriculum can be tricky, with a lot of different variables to take into account. What is your main focus? What do you want students to come away knowing? How do you incorporate different learning styles into your teaching? All these questions can take you away from your passion (the subject you are teaching) and get you bogged down in the structure.  This is where we can help. We help you take your ideas and structure them into an easy to follow curriculum that gets your message across the most effectively (using the most recent educational research on effective teaching strategies – or pedagogies)

Program Structuring

You know what you want to teach but it’s spread out on a bunch of post-it notes on your office wall? That’s ok, we can take those scattered ideas and put them together into a cohesive program that will flow smoothly from one idea to the next. This service includes brainstorming your ideas and figuring out how to structure your course so others can follow it and get the most out of what you have to offer.

Program Implementation

A quick internet search of “Learning Management Systems” or “How to Teach an Online Course” will bring up a dizzying number of potential platforms to host your course.  Lucky for you we have spent years investigating options and have a wide array of potential, and tested, recommendations for you. Whether you want to teach synchronous courses (everyone is online at the same time and talking to each other live) or asynchronous courses (where people do it on their own); with drip content (they have to complete things in a specific order and only get access to new content when you decide) or at their own pace (where they can complete things as fast or slow as they want) – we can help you decide what platform will work best, and make sure it’s within your budget

Other Service Referrals

Want video production? need a logo? need animations? need a new website to showcase your work? want to publish either electronically or in print? need copy-editing services? want to market your course so people know it’s available? We know people who can help with all of this.  As we go through and develop your project if we come across something you need help with we can provide you with referrals to people we trust. You are under no obligation to use them and we don’t make any money off these referrals, we just know how hard it can be sometimes to find good, trustworthy people and we trust all those that we refer.

Website Design

We do work collaboratively with one organization (MacLeod Design) to provide website design and functionality services. This is a separate service that is offered to any clients who need a website (whether they are teaching online courses or not).