What is VedaVox?

VedaVox provides consulting services and resources to individuals and companies that want to participate in training or educational services. This includes in-person or online training, educational program development or the creation and implementation of employee/client training portals and resources.

Producing, promoting and distributing any type of educational

Experience can save you time, headaches and resources

We work with individuals, start-ups and established companies

Whether our involvement consists of defining and scoping your project, its resources and timelines or if you require assistance with content and curriculum development or program design and implementation, we make sure our approach matches your needs and budget. Working with our trusted partners we can also assist you with related services such as logo graphic / logo design, website builds and maintenance, video production, animation, marketing, payments and accounting.  


Dr. Pamela Brittain, PhD

Dr. Pamela Brittain, PhD


Pamela Brittain is the CEO/Founder of VedaVox Inc. With over 13 years experience in Program Management and Educational Design she created VedaVox as a way to help others share their knowledge and skills in a engaging and effective way. She is a certified teacher currently pursuing a PhD in Education so she knows a lot about how to put together quality educational content. Learn more here…

What’s with our name?

The name VedaVox is a combination of two words:

The Sanskrit word Veda, meaning Knowledge

The Latin word Vox, meaning Voice

Since both languages are synonymous with knowledge and discovery, which aligns with our goals to provide knowledge to the masses through easy to access, online courses focused on mathematics and the subjects that mathematics touches (so just about everything), we thought it was a great choice to give us:

VedaVox: the Voice of Knowledge