VedaVox Background

VedaVox was founded in 2014 by Pamela Brittain, a passionate and dedicated educator and EdTech enthusiast with more than 15 years of experience in all aspects of both online and in-person program development and implementation. Having worked with a range of subject matter experts in academics, trades, the arts and business, Pam was frustrated when she saw how difficult it was for passionate, knowledgeable people to share their knowledge without either surrendering creative / IP control or ‘shoe-horning’ their curriculum into a very narrow template.


So she founded VedaVox to help those who have something to share and enable them to teach it on their terms!

Meet Pam

I have spent the past 15 years building skills and experience in educational program management and curriculum development. I am a certified teacher in Ontario with specializations in math and science.  I hold a Master’s degree in Mathematics for Teachers and a PhD in Education with a focus on mathematics (you can read my thesis here).

I have worked with youth in tutoring programs and enrichment classes and with adults to retrain them for re-entry back into the workforce after an injury.  I have created science and engineering curriculum and basic computer skills training programs including those that teach voice-recognition software to those who are unable to type.

While my passion lies in math and science I have gained a substantial amount of skills in program development. Furthermore, much of my experience lies with teaching youth (and adults) who were resistant to learning the subject I was teaching – this is especially true of math. This means that I have had to learn how to approach teaching and curriculum development from a different angle in order to give it a greater chance of having an impact on my students.

 And now I want to take those skills and put them to work on your content…

 You can learn more about me on LinkedIn (and feel free to connect there as well) or on my website