¬†LOOK: MATH! is dedicated to inspiring youth to see math in a different way. By following the adventures of Alpha “the Math Loving Dog” children are encouraged to LOOK at all the MATH around them and to begin to see the world in a different way.

The site currently focuses on a series of short web-based videos that follow Alpha on his adventures and resources and materials that parents and teachers can use with their own children.

Coming Soon: Follow Alpha on his adventures in his very own online, interactive book!


Working collaboratively with local, GTA artists on the development and launch of a series of educational / entertainment based multimedia resources that highlight the connections between physics, mathematics and aerial acrobatics.


In collaboration with Women on the Move we hosted a two-day escape room pop-up as a way to build interest in how math can have practical uses.

We learned a lot in the process as well about how people learn and interpret information.

You can learn more about this is a blog post we did on our experience for the LOOK: MATH! website.