Who Are We?

VedaVox provides consulting services and resources to individuals and companies that want to participate in training or educational services. This includes in-person or online training, educational program development or the creation and implementation of employee/client training portals and resources.

What’s with our name?

The name VedaVox is a combination of two words:

  • The Sanskrit word Veda, meaning Knowledge
  • The Latin word Vox, meaning Voice

Since both languages are synonymous with knowledge and discovery, which aligns with our goals to provide knowledge to the masses through easy to access, online courses focused on mathematics and the subjects that mathematics touches (so just about everything), we thought it was a great choice to give us:

VedaVox: the Voice of Knowledge

Our Background

Founded in 2014, and launched in January 2017, VedaVox features the talents of Pamela Brittain who has nearly 15 years experience in program development and implementation, including curriculum development, program implementation and designing/implementing online learning platforms of various types and sizes. She is a certified teacher with lots of experience in curriculum development and a focus on understanding how people learn best.  She is currently working on a PhD in Education with a specialization in developing effective content for online learning environments and mathematics (with a focus on encouraging girls in the STEM fields).

Her specific background is in pre-university and university education but she has worked on a variety of projects across both corporate and academic settings. She has also worked with a number of highly qualified individuals and organizations in order to be able to provide a wide range of services and referrals for clients across a large number of industries.

Our Services

If you want to teach it, we can help!  

From program development and brainstorming to figuring out what format and platform will work best and then how to get your message out; we can help.  We provide consultations on what format will work best for your specific training needs, how to effectively reach your target clients (or employees), what platform will meet your needs (and cost) and how to develop your content for the greatest impact. Our specialization is in ensuring that your training message makes the desired impact.

We also provide referral services to individuals and organizations to fit a wide variety of needs; from video work and editing to marketing and website services.

Learn more about all we offer and about our vetted and referred partners on our Services page