VedaVox and Look: Math!

Meet Alpha! A Math Loving Dog who wants to take you on an adventure to see the world of mathematics all around you!

To do this we’ve created a BRAND NEW website called LOOK: MATH!

Based on your feedback we wanted to create a site that was more kid friendly and focused just on our inspirational math courses and we thought Alpha was the perfect mascot!

Where did the name come from?

The name LOOK: MATH! actually came from the best of places, a spontaneous recognition of math in the world around us.  We were sitting around a table having a discussion about math (as is common for us here at VedaVox) when a streetcar suddenly rumbled past the building.  Someone in our group looked up and exclaimed “Look, Math” pointing at the passing vehicle.

That simple statement seemed to sum up exactly what we are trying to do here.  Showing mathematics in the world around us in a spontaneous and easily recognizable way.  It’s what we’re focused on doing for our youth, and it seemed like the perfect way to state it.

What content will LOOK: MATH! have?

LOOK: MATH! follows Alpha as we walk through the city discovering the world of math around us!

Our first set of videos has Alpha discovering Planes, Trains, Bicycles, Music, Art and Nature… and there’s plenty more to come!

Check out our intro video here:

So what happens to VedaVox?

Fear not!  VedaVox is not going anywhere, and it’s the company responsible for LOOK: MATH!  In fact, whenever you receive an email or correspondence from us, whether it be through VedaVox or LOOK: MATH!, it will come from VedaVox Inc, and you can still reach us at anytime!

The only difference is that the VedaVox website is now going to be more focused on research and resources for parents, mathematicians and people in industry who want to support our youth in finding the spontaneous math in the world around them; while LOOK: MATH! will be aimed specifically at the content for kids so they can feel it’s a place just for them to explore the world of math all around them, and be inspired by it.

What does this mean for me?

All this means is we are now going to have two website that will be linked and reachable from each other.  You shouldn’t have any difficulties, in fact we’re hoping this makes it easier for you.

  • Want great courses and content your kids will love and will inspire them? Go to LOOK: MATH!
  • Want great content that shows what’s going on in the world of math and education research on math, want to get involved, want to know more about why we are doing this? Then head on over to VedaVox

The only issue you may have is if you have bookmarked any links on you may have to update your bookmarks.

Otherwise, you’ll be able to find great math content and resources on both website.

We hope you like what we’re trying to do and keep an eye out as we start releasing more content throughout the month of August!

Comments, questions, suggestions?  Email us at